Bracket Vintage Air ProLine
Vintage Air ProLine TM Bracket, Compressor/Alternator
- Polished 3/8” machined aluminum for ultimate appearance and durability.
- Fits all small block Chevy engines without drilling and tapping holes into heads.
- Now fits with most air-gap type intake manifolds (short pump version).
- Will work with most valve covers up to 3-3/8” tall.
- Exclusive true turnbuckle type stainless adjusters.
- Accepts one-wire 12SI or CS130 type alternator
- Includes all hardware to mount compressor and alternator.

172170-SCQ                 $239.00
For short water pump, Non-Vortec
17227-VCQ                   $299.00
For long water pump
(Will not fit with “Air Gap” type manifolds or LT type alternator)

16500-VUQ                      $49.00
Replacement turnbuckle stainless steel adjuster 3/8 ” x 3/8 ” thread.
Adjusts from 4 1/2 ” t o 6 1/2 ”