Bracket Chevy Big Block 6 Cyl
Steel-eez Chevy 6-Cylinder Brackets, Compressor/Alternator
Designed to mount compressor and alternator. Fits on driver side. 
Uses stock pulleys. Uses stock intake and exhaust manifolds.

15273-VCB                               $149.00
216 and 235 Chevy 1954-earlier driver-side top-mount alternator 
bracket /bottom-mount compressor bracket.
142401                                       $495.00
235-261 Chevy 1955-’62 blocks driver-side top-mount alternator 
bracket/bottom-mount compressor bracket.
Includes new double-groove 6-cyl harmonic balancer
(May not clear some factory air cleaner assemblies).
142400                                       $495.00
270 Compressor/Alternator bracket kit.
Includes new double-groove 6-cyl harmonic balancer.
15284-VCB                                $139.00
 235 Chevy 1955-62 driver-side top-mount alternator bracket/bottom
-mount compressor bracket.
15249-VCB                                $156.00                                          
216/235 Chevy 1963-84 right side mount.
(Will not fit with HEI distributor).