Chrome Drier

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Chrome Drier 
Features a built in mounting bracket 
and compact size. 2.5”x 6”.

07310-VUQ                 $69.00
Chrome drier with bracket
01311-VUQ                 $39.00
Replacement chrome drier without bracket

Chrome Drier w/Safety Switch

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Chrome Drier W/Safety Switch
Includes chrome mounting
bracket. 2.5”x 6”.

07308-VUQ                     $75.00
Chrome drier with binary switch
07309-VUQ                     $94.00
Chrome drier with trinary switch

Polished Aluminum Drier

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Polished Aluminum Drier
Features a unique design which
allows changing the drier without
removing any fittings. 2.5”x 7”

07330-VUQ                $89.00
Polished drier
07331-VUQ                $49.00
Replacement drier

Standard Drier

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Standard Drier 
Economy choice painted black. 2.5”x 6”.

07321-VUC                $30.00

Standard Drier w/Safety Switch

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Standard Drier W/Safety Switch
Painted black. 2.5”x 6”. No adapter needed.

07322-VUC             $39.00
Painted drier with binary switch and mounting hardware
07323-VUC             $59.00
Painted drier with trinary switch and mounting hardware
11079-VUS              $13.60
Replacement male thread binary switch with O-ring, (3/8”- 24 male thread)
11086-VUS              $35.50
Replacement trinary switch with O-ring, (3/8”- 24 male thread)

Drier Mounting Bracket

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Drier Mounting Brackets

65980-VCB                   $9.00
Single wide bracket
for standard driers 
07113-VUB                   $1.10
Standard drier clamp
(two required).