Gen II Super Universal Fit Evaporator Kit

Gen II Super Universal Features

- High torque gear-drive servo                                      - Superior air capacity and control of
motors control all airflow doors for                                  dedicated dehumidified defroster.
increased travel, greater airflow,                                  - Blower fan motor is isolated on
superior door sealing, and immediate                            rubber mounts for quiet running
response to control input.                                               and longer life.
- No reliance on engine vacuum.                                  - Multiple control panel options.
Important with high performance                                  - Heavy-duty wiring harness with circuit
engines!                                                                          breakers and relays.
- Our own engineered heating/cooling                          - Servo operated, adjustable heater control
coils increase cooling capacity and                                 valve for variable temp adjustment.
heating capacity over other conventional
- CAD designed and virtual modeled
evaporator case design allows signifcant
airflow volume increases over
conventional designs.

Gen II Systems Include:
Evaporator unit, mounting brackets, wiring harness, electronic servo heater control
valve, duct hoses, drain kit. Defrost kit option includes ducts and hoses.

61005-VUX-A  Gen II Super - Heat & Cool                                  $470.00

 Gen II Super - Heat, Cool, & Defrost                    $490.00


Controls and under hood components such as brackets, compressor, condenser, drier, hose kits, and optional upgrades are sold seperately.