Gen IV Magnum Universal Fit Evaporator Kit

Gen IV Magnum Features:

- Fully electronic operation means no cables or vacuum controls!
- Microprocessor controlled coil temperature monitor means
no capillary tube to install!
- Separate high-capacity heat and cool coils.
- Aluminum plate/fin A/C coil, the most efficient
evaporator design available.
- Copper/brass CuproBrazeTM parallel-flow heater coil.
- In full A/C mode, air by passes heater core resulting
in less restriction and increased airflow.
- Servo blend air door for instant temperature adjustment.
- Infinite dash/floor air blend.
- Infinite defrost /floor air blend with dedicated defrost.
- Variable speed blower motor.
- Positive shut off solenoid-operated heater control
valve in max A/C mode.
- Multiple control panel options.

Gen IV Magnum Includes:

Evaporator unit,  wiring harness, duct hoses, electric
servo heater control valve, mounting brackets, and drain kit.

671400-VUZ          $699.00
Gen IV Magnum-Heat, Cool, & Defrost Model


Controls and under hood components such as brackets, compressor, condenser, drier, hose kits, and optional upgrades are sold separately