Vintage Air SureFit Chevy II / Nova 1962 - 1972

Vintage air SureFit Nova 1962-1972 | DD Auto Air San Antonio
Complete Gen IV kit for 1962-65 Nova shown above

Gen IV SureFitTM System Features:

- Fly-By-Wire fully electronic servo motor controls with no cables or capillary tube to route.
- Infinite “just right temperature” air blending
- Infinite blower fan speed adjustment (3-speed on 68-72 with factory air controls)
- High volume dehumidified defrost mode
- Separate high capacity aluminum plate& fin cooling coil
- Copper/brass CuproBrazeTM parallel flow heater coil
- Mounts behind the dash
- Uses your factory system controls with our exclusive Electronic Cable Converters (66-72)
- New in-dash rotary controls included (62-65)
- Flat steel firewall cover panel

Complete Kits - Gen IV SureFit                                        $1,480.00 EA.

961164  1962-65 Nova Complete Kit
961166  1966/67 Nova Complete Kit
965069  1968 Nova Complete Kit (factory air car)
961069  1968 Nova Complete Kit (non-factory air)
965072  1969-72 Nova Complete Kit (factory air car)
961072  1969-72 Nova Complete Kit (non-factory air)

Complete Kit Includes:

-Air conditioning, Heating, Defrost Combination           -Compressor Bracket
-Electronic Cable Converters                                        -Hose Kit
-Louvers                                                                        -steel firewall cover plate
-Duct Hose                                                                    -Hi/Lo Safety Switch
-SuperFlow Condenser                                                 -All mounting hardware and Brackets
-Standard Drier                                                             -Wiring Harness
-Compressor                                                                 -Installation Instructions

Evaporator Kits - Gen IV SureFit                                       $835.00 EA.

561164  1962-65 Nova Evaporator Kit
561166  1966/67 Nova Evaporator Kit
565069  1968 Nova Evaporator Kit (factory air car)
561069  1968 Nova Evaporator Kit (non-factory air)
565072  1969-72 Nova Evaporator Kit (factory air car)
561072  1969-72 Nova Evaporator Kit (non-factory air)

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Evaporator Kit Includes:

 -Evaporator and Bracket                  -New Controls or Cable Converters
 -Louvers (when required)                 -Hardware
 -Duct Hose                                       -Installation Manual
 -Wiring Harness
This includes all the components and accessories for the inside of the vehicle


1. Complete Gen IV kit for 1966/67 Nova1966/67 kits include our exclusive, Electronic Cable Converters TM to adapt your car’s control panel. 2. Some installations may require additional engine  pulleys not included with kits. You must provide  pulleys, v-belts, heater hose and refrigerant.
3. We recommend using our heavy duty fan blade and 32069-VCF (1966/67 Nova) shroud $226.00.

Complete Gen IV for 1966-67 Nova

Complete Gen IV kit for 1969-72 Nova