Vintage Air SureFit for Ford F100 1967-1972

Gen IV SureFit System Features:

-High-volume dehumidified defrost mode
-Infinite blower fan speed adjustment
-Infinite just right temperature air blending
-Fly By Wire fully electronic servo motor controls with no cables or capillary tube to route
-Uses your Factory System Controls with Electronic Cable Converters
-Flat steel firewall cover panel
-Mounts behind the dash
-Molded glove box replacement
-Seperate cooling coil
-Copper/Brass heater coil

Complete Kits - Gen IV SureFit

951157  1968-1972 F-100 Complete Kit V8                $1,480.00
951159  1968-1972 F-100 Complete Kit V6                $1,555.00

Complete Kit Includes:

-Compressor                                                -Electronic Cable Converters 
-Compressor Bracket                                   -Flat Steel Firewall Cover Panel
-Evaporator Unit                                           -Louvers
-Condenser With Bracket                             -Replacement Molded Glove Box
-Hose Kit                                                      -Duct Hose
-Drier                                                            -Wiring Harness
-Fittings                                                        -Hardware And Installation Instruction

Evaporator Kit - Gen IV SureFit

 751153  Gen IV 1968-1972 F-100 Evaporator Kit